Effects of NaCl on Germination and seedling growth of four wheat Cultivars

Hamid R. Ghassemi, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Payame Noor University of Islam abad, Iran.Hamidr_Ghasemi@yahoo.com


Salinity tolerance during germination and early seedling growth was evaluated for Four Wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L. Sardari, Zarin, Bahar and Pishtaz), in Five treatments of salinity including 0.0 (control), 70, 140, 210 and 280 mM NaCl. The results showed that different treatments of salinity had considerable effect on the final germination percent, germination rate, seedling length and its fresh weigh, shoot and root length, shoot fresh weight of all cultivars. All responses in four cultivars showed considerable decrease with increasing salinity up to 280 mM NaCl. Among the cultivars under investigation, Zarin cultivar appeared to be more sensitive and the Pishtaz one is the most tolerate than the rest at most responses. It is included that maximum growth was observed under non-saline conditions (Control 0 mM NaCl) and minimum growth when 280 mM salinity was imposed.

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